6 Great Ways To Have A Happy Marriage

6 Great Ways To Have A Happy Marriage

As we uncover the secrets to have a happy marriage from a few of our close friends, we find out that the ‘secrets’ are not really secrets. They are certain issues that you simply need to be aware of. Some of them are behavioral traits, some are personality traits while some are just plain old common sense. Let’s allow some of our well experienced friends to speak in this matter.

1. Allow your partner to screw up

‘You may not have a happy marriage by pinning down your partner for every fault of his. But if you allow room for mistakes and screw ups, your partner will realize that you are learning to let go of his shortcomings’ says Rebecca, 32. She tells about an incident when her husband Rob, forgot their anniversary. Instead of reacting wildly, she thought ‘Does he have too many problems at work? Is he stressed out with a busy schedule?’, ‘Does he have financial problems?’ Thinking like Rebecca will foster a loving relationship between you and your husband and is a sure shot way to have a happy marriage.

2. Talk openly with your partner

‘Having open communication lines is absolutely critical’ says Ruby, 25. We can’t agree more. Have you ever let go of a certain argument just because you felt it was not worth arguing? Do you suppress your emotions thinking that you might hurt your relationship with your husband? We suggest that you don’t, because those suppressed emotions can later blast off like a pressure cooker. To have a happy marriage, you must talk freely with your husband.

3. Respect your partner and his needs

Janice, 44, uses the word ‘respect’ in a certain context here. ‘To have a happy marriage, don’t just fulfill your partner’s needs. Respect them too’ she advices. ‘And this goes both ways. He should respect your needs as well. This will straighten out a lot of other problems automatically and will allow you to have a happy marriage’.

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