Top 4 Tips on Daily Skin Care Routine that You Must Follow

Top 4 Tips on Daily Skin Care Routine that You Must Follow

Who does not want to have a face that makes guys turn and stare; that glowing quality that they show in those high end advertisements? How many times do you look in the mirror and sigh wishing for a magic spell out there that would rid you of all your blemishes and spots and leave you with a skin quality you have always dreamt of?

The only thing that stands between your dream and making it a reality is you yourself! Instead of wishing and sighing and going on weird skin care regimes for a short bursts of time, all you need to do is get up off your lazy bum, and work towards a wonderful skin. Listed here are some tips on skin care routine that you must follow.

1. Clean

Every time you work out, go out, have one of your creative sprees, you need to clean up. With the air not being as pure as it used to be when the earth was covered with trees and nothing else, you need to wipe of dirt and all sorts of pollutants off your skin. What really helps is a face wash that suits your skin, and being gentle as opposed to rubbing and grinding against your face.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing plays a very important role in skin care. The skin’s water content needs to be maintained if you want to be free of cracks, and scars, want it to have a natural restoration quality, be smooth and supple, and delay any signs of aging. Moisturize after you take a bath, for the moisture in your body will help absorb the moisturizer, and once before you go to sleep. Make sure you keep at least a half hour window between applying moisturizer and stepping out.

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