10 Signs You have an Iron Deficiency

10 Signs You have an Iron Deficiency

The occurrence of iron deficiency is very common these days, especially in children and women. It is the most frequent kind of nutritional paucity, and can deplete the red blood cells in the human body. The symptoms of this deficiency range from mild to severe, and can include dizziness, constant fatigue and headache, fever, chest pain, pale looking skin, and other related things. Here are some signs that you must always watch out for if you think you have iron deficiency.

1. Constant weakness

Iron deficiency makes a person feel weak, and thus, the very first symptom that one experiences is extreme tiredness. There is a logical reasoning to this. All the cells in the human body contain iron, which has many significant functions. One of the most vital functions is to provide oxygen to the cells in the body. When there is deficiency of iron in the body, this oxygen does not reach the cells, thereby slowing body processes. This makes you feel weak and exhausted all the time.

2. Mood swings

Most of the times the symptoms of iron deficiency are very mild, such that you do not even come to know of any difference in your body. However, when you suddenly start to feel grumpy, have frequent headaches or get tired more than usual, then make sure you go for an iron deficiency checkup. When iron deficiency worsens, you will even experience short temper, and sudden phases of depression.

3. Shortness of breath

If climbing up even a small flight of stairs is causing problems, or you are feeling short of breath just otherwise doing your daily tasks and chores, then maybe, you should go in for a checkup. Shortness of breath can strain your heart, so it’s best that you don’t ignore it.

4. Brittle nails

Your nails obviously need a good supply of blood and nutrients to remain healthy. When you notice that they are getting brittle, it indicates that you are suffering from iron deficiency. However, in most cases, this happens only in very severe stages of the condition.

5. Pale skin color

Needless to say, when there is no proper supply of oxygen to your blood cells, and your hemoglobin is low, the skin color will begin to turn pale, making you look weak. Again, this happens very gradually in most cases. But one must take this seriously, if it happens suddenly in some cases.

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