8 Signs You are Dating Mr Vain

8 Signs You are Dating Mr Vain

It happens a lot of times that you start dating someone and feel that everything is going perfect, till some months later when you realize that just about everything you are doing is wrong. This kind of a realization happens to most women, when they understand that the guy they are dating is actually not worth all the love and attention that they have been showering on him for so long now. So, how do you exactly come to know that you’ve probably made a mistake? Here are a few signs to tell that you are dating Mr. Vain:

1. He doesn’t have a job

If he doesn’t have a job, and has no plans of getting one soon enough, then it’s clear that he is somewhat dependent on your money. Even if he has savings from the past, he needs a real job soon to take charge of the relationship financially. Not having financial stability is the biggest sign that you are dating a wrong or vain guy, who may not be able to take care of you in the future.

2. He’s not a one-woman man

If he’s been flinging around with other women, or checking them out and hooking up with them, then he is obviously cheating on you. He doesn’t take you seriously enough to be with him in the long run. So you must be very careful about his attitude towards you. Him being associated with other people shows that he can’t be loyal to you in the long run.

3. He’s afraid of commitment

Even if he is dating you with complete honesty and loyalty as of now, there is a chance that he is scared of committing to do it forever. In other words, if he avoids taking your relationship one step further, and avoids talking on issues of marriage and settling down, then he is commitment-phobic, and you may be wasting your time with him, especially if you are looking to settle down soon in your life.

4. He’s stubborn on everything

Being together for sometime can help you know the other person better, and it also gives rise to some expectations from your end, on how you’d like that person to change some habits. If you’ve been living in together, then the expectations would be even more. But if the guy you are dating doesn’t want to change any of his habits, or doesn’t want to adjust to any changes in the relationship, then you would both have a hard time later on. It’s best to walk out, before things get worse.

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