4 Things You Must Not Buy on Black Friday

4 Things You Must Not Buy on Black Friday

A lot of stores offer ridiculous discounts on black Friday and it is not unusual to see people camped out for hours just to get inside first and get the best deals the store has to offer. But before you brave the crowds and get into the store, you need to check on what not to buy on black Friday. There are two reasons why you should not buy certain things on black Friday. To begin with it is going to be Christmas in less than a month and the stores are going to come out with more Discounts for that holiday and secondly it is also going to be the end of the season and manufacturers and stores will be holding a clearance sale to get rid of the old stock and this is what will push prices more steeply than black Friday. So in certain items it is best to wait to buy them in a month than on black Friday. Here is a list of those items.

1. International air flights

International air tickets are bound to be their highest around this time of the year. Even if there are any discounts, they would be very miniscule and won’t make sense to buy them. The prices also won’t go down till after New Year’s. However, if you are planning on a domestic holiday, then you can find some pretty good discounts on some of the flights. It is always better to book tickets early if you want to fly during the holidays as this is the time that airlines too make a lot of money.

2. Wine and Specialty foods

It is best to wait for another 20 days before you choose to buy these. Wine, cheese and other specialty foods are great choices as gifts and there is going to be a huge number in sales around Christmas and this will also push the prices down. If you wait till close to Christmas you will get a much better discount. And I you are not looking at it as a Christmas gift the prices will be further reduced after Christmas.

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