Top 10 Female Golfers of All Time

Top 10 Female Golfers of All Time

Women in the golf arena have achieved remarkable success and won accolades and awards for their contribution. Listed here are some of the best female golfers of all time.

1. Nancy Lopez

Lopez has won over 48 championships. Carving a niche in the history of women’s golf championships, she came out victorious with spectacular wins in her era.

2. Babe Didrikson Zaharias

She has 41 recognized tour wins, more than 10 amateurs and majors with enthralling victories during her time. Playing against her was like already smelling victory. She became the greatest names of all times.

3. Kathy Whitworth

She has won the maximum LPGA tournaments, raising the bar higher for all male and female golfers of her time with her record breaking success. It has been difficult to emulate this kind of sportsmanship.

4. Mickey Wright

In four successive years, she has won 82 times with 13 majors and double-digit wins. She was considered one of the best professional golfers of all times with major tours up to the age of 34.

5. Annika Sorenstam

She has had huge and major victories to her credit. She has been a part of some most fierce competitions in the history of the game.

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