5 Reasons Why Kids Love Old MacDonald So Much

5 Reasons Why kids love Old MacDonald So Much

Old MacDonald had a farm is a classic. It has past down since ages and undoubtedly is a favorite among all regardless of the age.
But do you know the reasons which makes this song a favourite among kids? Here are some of the reasons why kids love Old MacDonald so much.

1. Knowing Different Animals

Each verse of the song describes one animal of the farm. It is a great way for children to know animals and their characteristics along with the sounds they make. It is great interactive way to learn new things! So the next time your child sees an animal he would know which animal it is.

2. Enables Role Taking

It improves literacy skills of children as Old MacDonald teaches them the song, he teaches them to take on adult roles too in the reality. As children think a lot, the rhyme helps in guiding children down into roles they might take up in the long run. It is research that has proven it!

3. Improves Phonic Skills

The song helps improve phonic skills (ability to hear and identify different sounds) as well as helps children control the pitch of their voice and language rhythm. Every time you will ask them something, they will reply in a different way which will let you know which mood they are in.

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