Seven Mean Ways To Manipulate Men

Seven Mean Ways To Manipulate Men

A popular saying is ‘Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere’. We women have been stuck with the ‘weaker sex’ label since decades now. Aren’t you jaded by now? What most men don’t seem to realize is that we have the wit that can fool the wisest of them. Revenge is sweet and vengeance is ours! Lets see some cunning and mean ways to manipulate men. A little effort from you, and you can get any man to do exactly what you want him to. Trust us, it will come handy more often than you can even imagine. Have a look.

7. Play The Damsel In Distress

If there is anything bigger than a man’s muscles, it is his ego. For most men, a vulnerable woman is impossible to resist. That doesn’t mean that you behave like you can’t do anything without them. But showing them that you think they have the power to help you out of a situation, will really work in your favor. Hence whenever you need a favor use phrases like, “You are my hero!” and “What would I ever do without you!” is going to elevate your position in his heart to number one!

6. Show him you are doing it for him

This is another very smart method to manipulate a man. If you directly ask him for something it will look like a favor. Instead put it in his head that whatever he does is going to benefit him only. For example he’s upset that you made him wait by taking too long to dress up. Get out of this situation by saying something like, “I’m sorry I made you wait but I just wanted to look perfect for you.” If you’re able to do this effectively, it will make him think that you actually just did him a big favor. He can’t be mad at you now. If you continue to use this trick you’ll be able to make him do whatever you want him to.

5. Make him feel guilty

If you need him to do a favor for you but the insensitive guy is not ready to listen, simply use this smart trick. How does it work? If you want him to come to pick you up at 3 am and he refuses, say, “Fine don’t come. I’ll come all alone. It’s not like it is that dangerous for a girl to walk on the lonely streets at 3 am.” Don’t you forget to keep the martyr tone in your voice. I bet you’ll have him speeding to pick you up within seconds.

4. Get his closest people to support you

Every man has some people who have great influence on his life. If you are that person, then there is no need to worry for you. If not, find out who is that person and somehow get that person on your side. It could be his mother, his sibling or a best friend. Whoever it is, if you manage to get on the good books of that person, it will be a great investment for manipulating your man later.

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