7 Tips to Go from Dating to a Steady Relationship

7 Tips to Go from Dating to a Steady Relationship

Dating is a phase each one of us must have experienced number of times, right from school days to the workplace. It is a phase of discovery and learning. You meet the other sex, share fun times, enjoy movies and hang around the city. It doesn’t demand commitment and exclusivity. Every date doesn’t translate into a relationship. Relationship is a different game altogether. Determining whether you want to get into a relationship with your present date is like solving a puzzle. But if you have made up your mind to take the plunge, then get ready for some real effort. Follow these few steps for a smooth transition from dating to a relationship.

1. Catch the right signs

Firstly, both partners should be willing to switch from dating to a relationship. So it is of utmost importance that you catch the signs of your partner. Whether he is just casually saying yes or he is genuinely interested. This can be figured out easily from the eagerness he shows to spend more and more time with you.

2. Stop dating others

Second most important thing, just stop seeing others. It’s a definite no. If you try to travel on two boats at the same time, you are bound to fall flat on your face. You got to concentrate your thoughts completely on how to take the next step with this one person.

3. Be what you are

Present yourself in front of him, the way you really are. Just drop all the fake attitude and style, if at all you have adopted any to impress him in the initial days. Relationship demands honesty. It’s important to be accepted the way you are, because sticking to something that’s not a part of your personality becomes difficult to carry forward in the long run. Many relationships turn sour in just a couple of months as the partners finds out that she is not the girl whom he had liked during dating days.

4. Introduce your partner to friends and family

Dating is a secret game but a relationship is not. In order to gain confidence, you have to introduce him to your friends and family. This will assure him of your seriousness towards him. In return, it will also lead him to think about his real feelings for you. If at all, he is not on the same wavelength, he will take a back foot, thus giving you a hint to move on. You don’t want to pile-on, remember.

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