Handle A Tough Boss With These 5 Easy Ways

Handle A Tough Boss With These 5 Easy Ways

Do you want to manage your boss? Yes, you read that right. You can turn the tables around on your boss with these top 5 simple and easy tips.

1. Finish a task before your boss asks you to do it

Imagine that you wanted someone to prepare a long quarterly report for you. How pleased would you be if you walked in to your workplace on a Monday morning and found the quarterly report finished and completed, on your desk, ready for your review before you can even ask! Same is the case with your boss. Your boss will love it if you are able to deliver work without him having to ask for it again and again. He will listen to you, take your suggestions and even give you freedom to manage yourself. Try it.

2. Indulge in healthy flirting

Okay ladies, this tip pushes the boundaries but it seems to work wonders. If your boss is male, indulge in some healthy but limited flirting. It is a clear sign that you are enjoying work and you like to be in control. We think that healthy flirting is important because it shows that you’re there to work, progress and lead. Not just to be ordered around. If your boss is female, engage in an interesting conversation.

3. Disturb your boss once in a while

Don’t we all notice how our bosses simply interrupt our work and get things done from us? It’s the most annoying thing in the world, but we also admit that it is the most effective and quick way to get work done. Why not try and do the same to your boss? Interrupt him/her to ask a few questions when he/she is focusing on a critical report. This act will send out one clear message to him/her, ‘this lady means business’.

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