6 Ways to Relieve Anger

6 Ways to Relieve Anger

We are fast forgetting patience and perseverance – fast food, fast loans, any time money and ready-to-eat instant mixes and juices are making life easier. Everything is a click away from marriage proposals to house-on-rent, from information to products. All can be outsourced – from summer projects to work staff. Nothing is being left to chance or imagination. This shift in lifestyle has made us impatient and has reduced our tolerance power by and large. This in turn has induced lot of anger and annoyance triggers in us. Not only can it have a significant negative impact on our personalities and work, it also affects our relationship with peer groups and family. Moreover we tend to make bad decisions in haste when angry. Hence, it becomes very important to curb anger. Listed here are some effective ways to relieve anger.

1. Breathe

This should always be your first step as soon as you feel the level of anger rising in your body. You should breathe deeply, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. It will immediately relax your body and you can feel the calm from within.

2. Drink water

This step vastly helps towards relieving your anger. Drinking a glass full of cold water will help relieve anger.

3. Count backwards

This is an age old advice. As soon as you feel the level of anger rising in your body, you should start counting backwards. Or you can also start counting the number and type of items within the room you are in. The logic is basically to take your mind off the immediate dilemma.

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