5 Signs You have a Hormonal Imbalance

5 Signs You have a Hormonal Imbalance

Being a woman, one has to face a lot of bodily changes, with hormonal variations being one among them. As hormones play an important role in every woman’s life, the imbalance of hormones also have equally important significance. Female hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced every month in a woman’s body. When there is an imbalance between these two hormones, you will see its effect on your health. Generally, hormonal imbalance occurs in middle-aged women, though young women are also affected by it. Influenced by factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, pollution, emotions and age, hormonal imbalances can be corrected with medications or change in lifestyle. Check out 5 signs that indicate you have a hormonal imbalance.

1. Nervousness or depression

One of the most significant signs you have a hormonal imbalance is the sudden onset of nervousness or depression. This can be because of low levels of hormone melatonin in your body. This hormone is vital for balancing your body’s everyday rhythm and a dip in that, will lead to sluggishness. This generally happens as you age.

2. High blood pressure

Your body’s sodium-water ratio is balanced by hormone aldosterone. If you are suffering from a condition called renal artery stenosis, the blood vessels that go to the kidneys contract, releasing the hormone into the blood stream. This hormonal imbalance increases blood pressure.

3. Poor libido

Poor libido can be yet another sign that your hormones are out of whack. Generally, before menopause, a woman may have a dip in testosterone as her ovaries and adrenal glands produce sex hormones only at a gradual pace, affecting her sexual disposition. It can also lead to vaginal dryness and irregular periods.

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