5 Scientific Reasons We Get Butterflies in the Stomach Waiting for Our Crush

Scientific Reasons We Get Butterflies in the Stomach Waiting for Our Crush

Very few people in the world can not lie and still can say that they do not have butterflies in their stomach while waiting for their crush. All of us get that tingly feeling when we anticipate a sight or a visit from someone we have a crush on. This feeling happens not only when we have a crush, but also when we are worried about something. Not to say we are not worried about how the crush might look at us, but an exam for which you have not unprepared for, a speech you have to make and a lot of other things can give you the butterfly effect. This butterfly effect on the stomach actually has a scientific reason behind it and here are some of the reasons.

1. You get butterflies in the stomach as the digestive system is closely linked with your thoughts and emotions

As a result of this, when your thoughts go haywire thinking about the person you are going to meet, your stomach starts doing its acrobatics.

2. Butterflies in the stomach are part of your body’s fight-or-flight response when there’s a threat to your survival

Meeting a crush does not have to be that serious as to be a threat to your survival but it can make or break your self-esteem. As you never know if you are going to keep your cool, your stomach starts the clenching and unclenching act.

3. The muscles in your stomach get extra-sensitive during the fight-or-flight response, and that is partially responsible for the butterflies

The extra sensitiveness of the stomach muscles is what causes the ticklish feeling and makes you want to just scratch out the feeling.

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