15 Facts You didn’t Know About Miranda Kerr

Facts You didn't Know About Miranda Kerr

n an Australian modeling competition in the year 1997. Since then there was no turning back. She moved to the ambitious and vibrant city of New York and signed a contract with Maybelline. By the time 2007 came by, she was already one of Victoria’s Secret Angel. Her much talked about love affair with the handsome British actor, Orlando Bloom was all over the news. Although today, she is no more a Mrs. Bloom and she won’t be a Victoria’s Secret Angel too anymore, it doesn’t stop us from loving her anymore. Here are 15 facts you surely didn’t know about Miranda Kerr. Read up.

1. Miranda has spent her childhood racing motorbikes and would ride horses on her grandmother’s farm.

2. Miranda’s bad habit is coming late. It is a habit she has been trying to get rid of forever, but in vain.

3. Although she doesn’t look like she eats anything, her favorite food is her Nan’s homemade steak pie.

4. She too loves to indulge once in a while in something that makes her regret later. They are dark chocolate Lindt balls. However, we don’t see it having any effect on her beautiful body, do we?

5. She might be one of the most beautiful women out there, but so is her heart. If Miranda wasn’t into the modeling world, she said that she would have loved to make a career in nutrition or psychology because helping people makes her feel good. So sweet!

6. Who wouldn’t love to kiss this beauty goddess? Yet, she has said that her favorite kiss will always be the one she had first.

7. Red is her favorite color. Although, all the colors have her as their favorite.

8. We all love her smart vintage fashion sense. Apparently her favorite vintage store is ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ located on Broadway in Soho.

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