7 Most Healthy Foods From Around the World

7 Most Healthy Foods From Around the World

If you are bored of your native country’s foods which you stick to in order to maintain your health and fitness, then worry not, for this list here gives you the most healthy options in foods that you can try out. These dishes will sound exotic because each of them is from a different part of the world and will help in making your diet interesting as well as more nutritious.

1. Sushi of Japan

Seafood, when lightly cooked or just spiced, is said to be extremely healthy as it contains no fat. That is exactly what sushi is and brown rice sushi especially, made with lean fish meat is the best. No wonder celebrities love this dish, after all it keeps them fit.

2. Spices of India

India is the largest exporter of spices such as chilies, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, mustard oil, curry leaves, cardamom, etc. These spices not only add taste and flavor to any food, they also come with a variety of health benefits which apparently boost longevity. Since they make the food spicier, people eat slowly, unlike other foods that are plain or sweet, and hence they don’t overeat as they realize instantly when they are full. Most of the spices contain vital vitamins and antioxidants which help burn fat.

3. Oats of Scotland

If you have panic attacks, get anxious easily and are always restless, jumpy or fidgety, then having Scottish oats daily for breakfast is a great idea. Wheat is considered to be healthier than flour and what is even healthier than wheat, is oats. It has a calming effect on the body and comes packed with all the necessary nutrients you need to start the day energetically.

4. Red wine of France

Drinking a glass of red wine every night is said to be a very healthy habit and we have the French to thank for it. The main ingredient that makes red wine so healthy is the strong antioxidant, Resveratrol. It helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases and also slows signs of aging.

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