How To Break Up With Someone You Love?

How To Break Up With Someone You Love

It might sound easy for someone while some others may find breaking up with their lover a tedious job. No matter how emotional you are as a person, confronting and informing your lover about a breakup is really a hard nut to crack. Here are some steps which, if followed, can help you call a spade a spade.

Make a conscious decision

If you are finding reasons why you are unable to gel in with your guy, ponder over it and decide whether you really want to end the relationship. Once you’ve decided, think about the pros and cons of your resolve and act accordingly. If you think, what you’ve decided is the right thing, then go ahead with a breakup. Stand by your decision. No matter what comes your way, you have to have an unbreakable resolve.

Let your non-verbal cues speak

Don’t talk of the breakup all of a sudden. This will not only shock your partner but also make the breakup a bitter experience. Instead of announcing your decision out of the blue, start giving your partner non-verbal cues a couple of months before. Firstly, this will help your partner sense the future. Secondly, if an argument breaks out when you talk of the breakup, you can remind your partner about the recent changes he saw in you and validate your argument. You may tell him that in spite of noticing the fact that you were showing outright disinterest, he didn’t take any action. This has led to the breakup.

Meet him in a quiet place

Once you’ve spoken enough without words, you may call up your partner and ask him to meet you in a secluded place. Choose a place which is less crowded. Also, make sure you do not reveal your feelings on a special day like his birthday or on your relationship’s anniversary. This may make the shock even more difficult to handle.

Talk to him

Don’t begin by listing the reasons why you want a breakup. Instead, talk to him. Take him to a tour of the recent past and tell him things that have been hurting you. Ask him if he found some things unnatural or hard to digest. When he tells you that he found a changed attitude in you, that’s when you have to disclose the truth. Tell him, you were doing it on purpose; because you couldn’t handle the relationship anymore.

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