4 Reasons Why Micromanagement Fails in Relationships

 Reasons Why Micromanagement Fails in Relationships

Micromanagement is a term that is mostly associated with businesses and workplaces and never should find mention in relationships. Micromanagement is when a person pokes his or her nose into everything another person does and tries to control the actions of the other person. This may work in the office, albeit with doubtful results, but there is no saying what it can do to a relationship. No one likes somebody hovering constantly over them telling them what to do and how it should be done and if you are the controlling type, you should prepare yourself for the eventual failure of the relationship. Here are reasons why micromanagement fails in relationships.

1. Micromanagement in a relationship is an indirect way of telling the other person that they are either incapable or too stupid to do something on their own

No one likes being made to look like a fool or an idiot. Even if the other person is dependent on you, there will be a stage when they would pack up and leave because of micromanagement. If a relationship has to be successful each person should have his or her own space and the freedom to pursue their dreams.

2. Micromanagement in a relationship can get very annoying for the person at the receiving end

Constant questions and doubts about how and why a certain thing will be done or managed will definitely annoy anyone who has to hear it day in and day out. Annoyance will eventually turn into anger and hatred leading to the doom of the relationship.

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