5 Best Lipsticks Every Girl Should Have

5 Best Lipsticks Every Girl Should Have

Most women are guilty of having a really big collection of lipsticks, and not using all of them. Every season, the fashion trends change and new lipstick shades and hues come out from different brands, most of them being in competition with each other. But if you notice carefully, there really are very limited shades of lipsticks that exist and reoccur in the fashion trends every alternate year or so.

If you want to stay in sync with the latest fashion trends at all times, but not spend too much money on lipsticks every month, then it’s time for you to act smart. Get the basic must-have shades, and then play around with them during application.

Listed here are the only 5 lipstick shades that you’ll really ever need:

1. Red

A good Red lipstick is vital to have in every girl’s make up kit. It’s the best option to glam up a basic party look and is also a color to depend on for a bold and dramatic look. But you don’t need all shades of red. Get a shade that best suits your skin tone and you’ll be sorted. Every time you want to make it sexier, add a top layer of gloss.

2. Nude

A nude lipstick is essential to go with quite a lot of your casual looks, as well as to compliment some of your work wear. Again, choose a shade that best matches your skin tone instead of going in for any and every nude shade that comes up in the market. Nude can always be made dull or lighter by mixing with eye shadows, and many women cheat by touching up their nude lipstick with a hint of nude eye shadow on it when they want to play shades or hues.

3. Pink

Pop Pinks are quite in these days, but they don’t suit all. Unless you are a model doing fashion shoots everyday, you won’t be using a neon or pop pink on a daily basis. So choose a nice pink shade wisely, that goes with most of your outfits. It can always be mixed with your red lipstick to brighten up the shade whenever needed, or can alternately be mixed with the nude lipstick to go a little lighter and matte. That saves you from buying all shades darker and lighter than the pink you actually will be using the most.

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