How To Dress Like An Emo?

How To Dress Like An Emo

Emos have a peculiar sense of dressing that makes it easy to spot them even among hundreds. If not followed in the right manner, dressing up like an emo can turn into this huge fashion disaster. But if you go the right way, nothing can stop you from looking like one. Does dressing up like an emo girl interest you? Then my dear friends, you have come to the right place. Read this piece and learn from it.

1. Style your hair

The hair of an emo girl is probably her trademark. It is probably the first thing that you will notice about her. Heavy side bands falling on her eyes is a very common fashion that she follows. You can opt for long or short hair, but make sure that you dye them jet black. For long hair, you may own multiple layers on the upper part of your hair, but keep your hair very thin at the bottom. Bobs are great for short hair. Also porcupine straight hair with really sharp cuts is a popular emo trend. Emos also follow thin streaks of highlights, but the shades are of extreme colors like red, pink, purple and blonde. If you are scared of using such extreme colors on your hair, you can very well opt for hair extensions.

2. Put on makeup from the emo palette

Emo girls concentrate a lot on their eyes. So darken the area around your eyes by using lots and lots of kohl both below and above your eyes. You may take inspiration from pictures of emo girls as to how you need to apply your eye makeup. As for your lips are concerned, keep them nude or apply gloss to make them appear a little shiny. You may dab some blush on the apples of your cheeks. Emo’s are literally obsessed with nail art. So see that you never leave your nails unattended. Keep trying different kinds of nail art on your nails.

3. Choose the right clothes

An emo girl has a very interesting fashion sense when it comes to clothes. Her clothes are bold and they show off her rebellious nature. Though most of them have a vintage look to them and are inspired from punk rock of the 80s, they can be inclined towards the cute side as well. Straight lined jersey dresses and denim short skirts are a huge hit in the fashion world of an emo. You can wear leggings with stripes, fishnet stockings, pantyhose and knee length socks under them. Wear cap sleeved or short sleeved tees carrying bold statements on them. You can also wear lots of hoodies. You are allowed to wear jeans as well, provided they are bold enough to carry off the emo look. So you can go for cropped, ripped or faded jeans. Skull motif, bold colored stripes and polka dots are a very popular design among emo girls.

4. Team up with perfect accessories

If you notice, emos wear a lot of accessories, especially wrist bands. So pick them in bold colors. They also have multiple piercings even on their face. For their hair, emo girls wear multiple colored clips on their hair to make it more attractive. You can also wear bold colored bows as headbands or on your dress to give yourself the 80’s look. Choose oversized belts with lots of bling. Fishnet gloves in bold colors like shocking pink and neon green are also much in vogue among emo girls.

No matter what you do, it will be a complete waste unless you wear the right attitude. Emos are famous for their ‘I don’t care a fig’ attitude. So if you wanna look like one, learn to be rebellious, courageous and most of all feel proud of yourself. Best of luck!

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