7 Reasons to Marry a Chef

7 Reasons to Marry a Chef

Chefs are cute! They have this unique charm about them, which can make most girls go crazy. Most of them are humble souls, who impress us with their awesome culinary skills. And those good looking ones can make us go so weak in the knees!

If you’ve been dating a chef for a while now, and are considering marrying him, then here are some great reasons that totally support that thought!

1. You never need to cook

What’s better than being a pampered princess who doesn’t need to step inside the kitchen? You will even get those romantic candlelight dinners at home, and awesome breakfast-in-bed service coupled with oodles of romance.

2. You always eat healthy

Chefs make sure that they make delicious meals filled with loads of nutrition. So you will always be eating healthy, and will never have to worry about your diet. Even if you fall sick and your doctor recommends something, your hubby will know what ingredients exactly to include in your meals.

3. You save a lot of money

You enjoy fancy meals at home with the same kind of quality as fine-dining restaurants, but will end up paying one-tenth of the cost. There is no need to feel guilty about eating exotic meals, because your lovely husband will make them for you happily, and you only end up spending on the ingredients.

4. You get to socialize a lot

Chefs have connections with wine-tasters, bakers, others in the food and hospitality industry, which means that you enjoy free entries to many events such as restaurant openings, café and bar promotions, tastings and trials and a lot more. That way, you get to make a lot of friends and widen your social circle.

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