5 Differences Between Acne and Rosacea You must Know About

Differences Between Acne and Rosacea You must Know About

It would be difficult to find someone or anyone who has never complained about their skin. Teenagers, men, women, old people, it afflicts us all. Our face especially is the first things people notice and to have discoloration and blemishes can be a real pain. The worst thing is that that skin blemishes and discoloration can be a recurring problem throughout life. Worse, at times it is difficult to determine the cause of these skin conditions without consulting a physician, as many of them look similar to the untrained eye. Two such conditions that easily confuse us are acne and rosacea. Here are some differences between acne and rosacea you must know about so you can get the proper treatment for them.

1. Acne

Millions of people suffer from Acne making it the most common skin ailment or skin condition. You get acne when the pores in your skin get blocked by sebum, the oil secreted by the skin. If the pores are blocked a lot and if it is quite deep, bacteria can get in, colonize and cause inflammation. When you have a severe case of Acne you will experience reddening of the skin and swelling.

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2. Rosacea

Rosacea on the other hand is a condition that involves the blood vessels in your face. A common symptom of rosacea is a persistent redness on your cheeks and nose. Left untreated the condition becomes worse and you can see clusters of blood vessels and red mumps on your face. In rare and very extreme cases, the nose and face may become disfigured and puffy. Sometimes rosacea even spreads to the eye and can cause significant damage when not treated immediately.

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3. Age of people suffering from Acne and Rosacea

It is mostly teenagers and young adults who suffer from Acne while patients older than 30 fall victim to rosacea.

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