9 Great Cheap Date Ideas

9 Great Cheap Date Ideas

Whatever everyone may think, dates can be fun as well as cheap at the same time. You don’t need to spend a million bucks to impress a guy, nor does he have to. If you think carefully, there are many cheap date ideas out there. Trouble thinking about any? Well, we have plenty for you. Just go ahead and try out these great cheap date ideas with your partner.

1. Do a good deed

Now isn’t that something special you can do for your date? Visit an elderly person in your locality and make him/her a cup of tea or plant a flower in their garden. You can also shovel snow together at a particular street in your neighborhood or visit an orphanage and play with the children.

2. Play board games

Get together at your place or his and bring out those fantastic board games you used to play as a kid or teen. Remember Monopoly, Candy Land or Sorry? Yeah, you sure do. So play them and enjoy when you win and sulk like a child when you lose!

3. Go fishing

Fishing at a lake is also a nice and cheap date idea. Head over with all your fishing gear and wait for hours or minutes to get a good catch. In the meantime, share stories of your childhood and whether you have been fishing before.

4. Solve a puzzle

Solving a puzzle, a big one at that, will let you spend a whole lot of time with each other. Rack your brains and do all the thinking that you need to solve the puzzle with your date.

5. Go to a local bar

Instead of picking out a classic restaurant for dinner, why not try something cheap and equally fun? Go to a local bar and have some beers and chat along happily with your partner. Also, make sure the bar has a pool table or dart board so you can challenge him to a round of games.

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