7 Reasons to Get Pregnant Below 30

Reasons to Get Pregnant Below 30

Getting pregnant at the right age not only ensures a healthy baby but it is good for your health too. The best fertility period for a woman to get pregnant is between 25 to 30. So, getting pregnant before you turn 30 is actually good for your overall pregnancy. Listed below are some more reasons to get pregnant before 30.

1. It is the most fertile period

25 until 30 is the most fertile period of your life. Hence, it is considered an ideal age to start a family. The fertility rate at this age is higher than any other age. So, conceiving becomes a simple task. There are no problems related to getting pregnant at this age. It is a safe period for getting pregnant.

2. You have more stamina

Until you reach your 30s, you have higher energy level and stamina. Child bearing and child rearing both require a lot of stamina. So, this is actually an advantage for you. Hence, it is best to get pregnant before 30.

3. You get time for family planning

Having a child before the age of thirty gives you time for family planning. If you have a child before the age of thirty, you can conceive your second child later on. Also, if you happen to experience certain complications while conceiving a baby, you have a lot of time until 35 to wait for some while and take a chance again. Getting pregnant after 35 is not a feasible option for family planning.

4. There are low chances of complications

As the body is healthy in your 20’s, there are no chances of complications. The complications related to pregnancy after the age of 35 may also harm the development of the baby. So, having a child early also ensures healthy development of the unborn child.

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