7 Health Benefits of Dill

Health Benefits of Dill

Dill is a herb and a weed that is found and grown in the Mediterranean and eastern European regions. It is unique in the sense that both its seeds and leaves can be used for seasoning purposes. It belongs to the family of flowering herbs and spices that include parsley cumin and fennel. It grows well in warm summer climates and need a fertile soil to flourish. The leaves are wispy and look like ferns with a soft texture and a pleasant aroma that is not pungent like other spices. The taste of dill is citrusy and also a little bitter and can be used as a spice in many dishes. Not only it is used for seasoning, but dill is also used for its many health benefits. Here are some health benefits of dill.

1. Dill contains a lot of antioxidants

Dill weed is known for its anti-oxidative properties and can help in disease prevention and health promotion.

2. It helps in controlling the cholesterol levels in your body

Dill is absolutely low in calories; you also would be using only small amounts of it for seasoning. It also contains niacin, dietary fibers and pyridoxine which help control the blood pressure and lower the cholesterol level in your body.

3. It is a good source of volatile oils

Dill sprigs and seeds contain many essential volatile oils such as d-carvone, dillapiol, DHC, eugenol, limonene, terpinene and myristicin which are also very good for your health.

4. It contains essential oils such as Eugenol

Eugenol, the essential oil found in the dill has been used for therapeutic purposes and serves as a local-anesthetic and anti-septic. Although further studies need to be conducted, Eugenol has also been claimed to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics.

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