5 Ways to Better Understand Your Husband’s Emotions

Ways to Better Understand Your Husband's Emotions

Both men and women are emotional beings, but the way it is expressed is highly different. Men have a difficult time processing and handling emotions. They do not have the extensive support system that the fairer sex is endowed with. This makes them escape into things like work, television and sports. If you can understand this and learn to work with your man instead of yelling at him, you have a huge advantage in the relationship with your husband. Here are 5 ways to understand your husband’s emotions better.

1. Accept the fact that emoting is difficult for men

Accept the fact that it is not easy for men to express their feelings. No man wishes to confide that he is sad or frustrated. You might be easily bugged at your husband’s attitude, but you have to leave him on his own. However, let him know lovingly that you are available if he needs you. This will encourage him to open up and be more forthcoming about sharing his feelings.

2. Catch hold of that non-verbal clues

We communicate more through our body language than through words. With your husband, look for non-verbal clues, which would denote what he is experiencing. Perhaps he will not tell you that he is under stress but if you find him pacing up and down or chewing his nails, you know it. At such times, be supportive, loving and try to create a relaxing atmosphere in the house. This will help him calm down.

3. Give him his space

When faced with a problem, women talk about it, but men generally go quiet and think of solutions. When your husband is silent, avoid asking him “what are you thinking?” Give him his space and allow him to work on the problem on his own. Do not offer unsolicited advice or help. Do not assume he is angry with you either. Just give him some undisturbed time to come up with solutions.

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