4 Tips to Know If You are in a Relationship With a Bully

Tips to Know If You are in a Relationship With a Bully

A lot of people are in difficult relationships. They stay in it because of love or because coming out of it would leave them clueless because they have been too comfortable in the relationship and getting out would be difficult. Relationships can be difficult because of a lot of reasons. It is difficult for two people to share their lives together and also be very happy in the process. Some relationships can be pure hell if the other person does not treat you right. He could be a bully and make you miserable most of the times. You need to know if you are being pushed around too much or if you are being bullied in the relationship. Here are some tips to know if you are with someone who is a bully, as knowing it will help you deal with the problem and take a good decision.

1. He insults you in front of the others

When you are in a party or in a family dinner, he pointedly makes comments that are so insulting. It could be about your weight, your style of dressing, your hygiene or just about anything about you. He doesn’t seem to care about your feelings or the fact that you are insulted in front of people you will have to meet on a regular basis. If you see him do all these things, you are probably in a relationship with a bully.

2. He has his way all the time

Whether by emotional threat or through physical means he always gets his way. It could be as simple as deciding on going out and you having no say in it or as complicated as having kids and raising them a certain way. Bullies always like to get what they want by any means and if you think or feel that you are just like a doormat in the relationship, then you may be living in with someone who is a bully.

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