5 Reasons Online Dating may not be for You

 Reasons Online Dating may not be for You

Although the concept of online dating may seem like a more convenient and less frightening one compared to the real deal, yet things on the internet can go horribly wrong. Yes, you’ll find ample examples of successful online relationships; however, the real question is whether you are meant for it. Here are reasons why online dating may not be for you.

1. Your dream job is being in the Interpol

If you’re the kind who constantly needs to be in touch with your partner and be informed about his whereabouts and activities from time to time, then online dating probably isn’t for you. Online dating is shrouded in uncertainty. You cannot expect the person to constantly be in touch with you. All you can hope for is the person to come or be online, which will depend on his convenience.

2. You’re aren’t ready to speak the truth

When you’re seeing someone online, you would naturally want the person to be honest with you. If you are planning to be deceitful on the internet yourself, then you shouldn’t expect any better from the person on the other end. If you are not ready to present yourself the way you are and give out the right information about the way you look or what you do, then you would be wasting your time online. Things will work out in actual only if you’re being truthful. No relationship can be based on lies. Not even on the internet, definitely not for long.

3. You can’t detect flirtations

If you can never tell if the person just made a pass at you or are hopeless at detecting coquettish comments, then online dating isn’t for you. Why? Well, hello! That’s all that online dating is all about. It’s about starting with some amount of flirting, the other person reciprocating it and then hitting it off.

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