23 Questions You Must Never Ask on the First Date

 Questions You Must Never Ask on the First Date

First date already have some element of discomfort present. By asking the wrong question, you could just make matters even more uncomfortable and lower the chances of being asked for a second date. Unfortunate as it may seem, each of the below questions have surely been asked at least once by many during a date, as they are really common.After all, in the process of trying to have a conversation, it is difficult to control what you speak all the time. Never-the-less, uttering the below are sins! We present you with twenty-three questions you must never ask on a first date. Ever!

1. When do you plan to get married?

It seems like someone who is looking for a groom without even getting to know who the hell he is! The topic of marriage comes much much later in a relationship, not to mention on the first date. Asking this question will make you come across as desperate. So don’t!

2. How many children do you plan to have?

If you agree that asking the previous question is a bad answer, then asking this question is a disaster. He will obviously conclude that you are thinking about having children with him which is a big no-no on the first date. Duh!

3. Does this dress make me look fat?

This question is awkward enough for even or boyfriend or a husband. Why would you want to put your first date through this? Unless you really are having a bad time and are trying to scare him away.

4. Are you serious about me?

How can be possibly be serious about you without even getting to know you? It is your first date together not your first year! Do not dare to ask him this.

5. When was the last time you cried?

Usually people are very sensitive about such personal questions. The two of you are there to have a nice time, why would you want him to remember the time he was sad? By asking him this question you are risking any chances of having a jolly first date.

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6. Why did your last relationship end?

You maybe curious to know, but control your emotions and remind yourself that it is just your first date. Why should he tell you? A first date already can be very intimidating, do not make it even difficult by reminding him of things he is probably trying hard to forget.

7. Are you in touch with your ex?

By asking him this question it will show like it matters to you. Possessiveness on the first date may seem like psychopath like behavior. Do not ask him this!

8. Do you know why my ex left me?

For God’s sake, the date is about both of you. Since it is your first date, all you should be concentrating about is just the two of you and definitely not your past relationship! Asking him this will send signals that you are still not over your ex, clearly!

9. What is the reason for you being single?

Again this question is really very personal. No body likes to even think about this, most of the time. Why would he want to discuss it with a woman he is meeting for the first time and trying to make an impression?

10. Are you a virgin?

Oh god no! It is none of your business if he is a virgin or he has slept with a hundred women before you. It is just your first date. You are not marrying him already.

11. Are we going to have sex tonight?

Keep the topic of sex away, no matter how hard you get tempted to bring it up. Kissing on the first date too sometimes is a big deal to some people. You most certainly cannot ask him about sex!

12. Isn’t your friend really hot?

You are on a date with him, not his friend. So keep all your compliments focused on him, not on anyone else. Complimenting his friend on a date with him, is sure to pinch his ego. He is most likely to conclude that you are using him to get to his friend.

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13. When are you going to introduce me to your family?

For a man, it is a very big deal to introduce his love interest to his family. Right now he is only trying to get to know you as a date. Once you pass that stage he’ll consider you as his girlfriend. And then, if he is still happy with you and wants to take a step further, he will introduce you to his family. This process is no way going to get fast forwarded on the first date.

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