6 Things to Know About Maria Kang, the Hot Facebook Mom

 Things to Know About Maria Kang, the Hot Facebook Mom

Maria Kang, a wife, mother, blogger and the founder of fitness non-profit is known as the “hot Facebook mom.” Maria Kang first made headlines and garnered a lot of attention when she posted a photo to her Facebook page in just her bra and briefs. The fact that she posed with her three young sons and captioned the picture, “What’s your excuse? “got her a lot of flak and critics slammed her for fat-shaming. However that has not stopped her and she continues to put up pictures claiming she is just encouraging healthy living for women and new mothers. Here are some things to know about Maria Kang, the hot Facebook mom.

1. She claims that her Facebook post was an inspirational post to help mothers lose weight after childbirth

Although she got a lot of flak for her post, it has not stopped her and now she is back with her “No Excuse Moms Movement”. This is a group of 700 local groups of mothers and the campaign encourages mothers to gather for regular, free workouts in public places.

2. She has taken the criticisms in her stride and explains that her post created an awareness among mothers about their weight and health

She feels that the entire backlash about her post was worth it as she feels it helped create awareness among mothers about their health. She also feels that in order to raise a healthy child, one has to be a healthy parent.

3. She truly believes that her post has created an international opening up of dialogue

Although this is a little far stretched, she actually believes it and feels that thanks to her post, people are waking up to the possibilities and questioning their excuses for not exercising properly and taking care of their health.

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