10 Ways on How to Become a Celebrity?

10 Ways on How to Become a Celebrity?

If you want to become a celebrity, you will have to do things which an ordinary person would not do. You have to become unique in your own way and have to carry your inimitable image for quite some time to let your status as a celebrity become known to as many people as possible. Whether by fame or by notoriety, you will become a celebrity if you can be bold and extravagant. Listed here are 10 easy steps you should follow to become a celebrity.

1. Build a discernible personality

First and foremost, you ought to build a distinct personality by which you will be known. You need to have your trademark mannerisms, way of dressing, body language, style of speaking and so on in order to do this. This will make you memorable in the minds of everybody who sees you.

2. Perk up your talent

You have a unique talent or skill upon which you need to work upon so as to liven it up. When you perk up your talent, it adds to your personality and also you have something that you can do really well. If you are good at something, chances of your becoming famous because of it increase.

3. Get people to talk about you

Whether you appoint agents or publicists, make sure that people know about you and talk about you. Find ways to reach a wide audience and it will ensure that more people know you or have at least heard your name.

4. Have a sleazy affair

Having a not-so-reputable affair is a good way of attracting attention of the media. And if you can have an affair with a celebrity, there is nothing like it! You can become insanely popular overnight!

5. Make it to the newspaper

Find a way to get to the newspaper – local, if not national. Make contacts with journalists and make them publish a story based on you or whatever you do in the newspaper along with a picture of yours and rest assured that people will recall it when they see you.

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