7 Ways to Exit a Boring Conversation at a Party

Ways to Exit a Boring Conversation at a Party

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a boring conversation with random people at parties? It may be hard to get away from it because you don’t want to risk offending anyone. Here are ways in which you can subtly exit boring conversations at a party.

1. Excuse yourself to the washroom

An easy way to exit a boring conversation at a party is to excuse yourself to the washroom. Stay in the washroom until you are sure that the person you were talking to has moved away from the spot you were both standing or sitting at.

2. Pretend to answer a phone call

Your mobile phone may come very handy in helping you avoid a boring conversation. Simply pull out your phone from your pocket and look at it with concern. Press a few buttons so that the screen will light up and pretend to answer the phone. Exit the conversation with an excuse that you need to move to a quieter place to talk. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes acting as if you are talking to someone so that the person does not wait for you to come back.

3. Ask a friend to take you away from the situation

Secretly ask your friend to take you away from the person you are talking to. This way you won’t have to use any reason or excuse to go away from that person. Your friend can do the talking and pull you out of the situation.

4. Pretend you have forgotten your car keys somewhere

You can exit a boring conversation by pretending that you have lost or forgotten your car keys. Act the part by going through your pockets and then finally announcing that you may have misplaced your car keys. Excuse yourself under the pretext of going to look for them.

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