8 Ways Parents’ Divorce Affects a Child

Ways Parents' Divorce Affects a Child

When the parents of a child separate, the child knows but one thing – that life will never be the same anymore. Still, some very young children, who need emotional and moral support for their proper mental development, might harbor a fantasy that their parents will get back together again and everything will be fine. And when they know for certain that it is not going to happen, ever, that is when they lose all hope. Divorce affects children in more ways than one – it ruins their childhood and their lives even before they know what life is all about. It instills fear, insecurity, and disappointment in everyone and everything in life, and makes them resort to antisocial and detrimental activities. Listed here are 8 ways how parents’ divorce affects children.

1. They develop poor social skills

Children whose parents separate when they are very young do not develop social skills required to deal with the big bad world. They do not like meeting and interacting with people, become malignantly introverted and lead lonely lives with no companionship to talk about.

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2. They become more vulnerable to illness

Divorce puts plenty of stress on young children which can have serious adverse effects on their health. Their immune system weakens and they become susceptible to illnesses. Divorce leads to the lack of constant parental support, love and care and most importantly a sense of security, which takes a toll on these children’s health.

3. Their chances of dropping out of school increase

The otherwise positive experience of schooling, where a child learns skills necessary to lead successful lives as adults, itself is stressful. But when they also have to deal with the stress that comes with parents’ divorce, they find it difficult to complete their schooling. Finishing school becomes difficult because they are unable to focus on studying and preparing for exams due to the emotional stress caused by the separation.

4. They resort to addiction

Children, whose parents divorce when they are young and are wanting of love, care and security, resort to addiction of various kinds to deal with the tension. They smoke, they drink and some even become drug addicts later in their lives, owing to a difficult childhood. Addiction becomes their only way to deal with any kind of stress in life.

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