5 Most Common Causes of Breakup

5 Most Common Causes of Breakup

All relationships go through smooth and rough patches, ups and downs, some sail through while some end. Some couples go through the hard times, yet their relationship doesn’t get affected. They stay together and stand strong. There are many common situations and problems that couples face. These are the common reasons for most of the breakups. Listed here are some of them.

1. Constant nagging

As small as the reason sounds, it is a very common reason to break up. When the complaints, demands, criticism, taunts, blaming keeps on increasing, the level of patience drops and the good feelings start fading away, paving the way to negativity and an eventual breakup.

2. Lack of space

It is great that you like to spend all your time with your partner, but that is not possible always. You need to understand that the guy needs enough space and you should respect that. Intruding in an individual’s space will eventually lead to frustration and cause breakup.

3. Infidelity

Getting attracted to someone else even when you have a partner and you are in a relationship is not an uncommon thing. Your mind sometimes shifts focus, you get attached to some other guy physically or mentally. Cheating on your partner is not a right thing to do. You should always confess about such things and try to make things better. But forgiving someone who has cheated is difficult, which eventually results in ending the relationship.

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