10 Changes that Happen During Pregnancy

10 Changes that Happen During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes your life, literally. Pregnancy brings along with it a host of physical, psychological, physiological and emotional changes. Knowing about them helps you in dealing and coping with them. So here’s a list of some of the changes that you can expect to encounter during pregnancy:

1. Morning sickness that may well extend throughout the day

Morning sickness may be misleading to some extent. This is because, the nausea and feelings of sickness start in the morning, but sometimes can extend throughout the day, causing discomfort to the pregnant woman. Fortunately, it all settles down after the initial weeks.

2. Bulging belly and weight gain

That’s the most obvious and probably the most difficult change to deal with. All of a sudden you find your perfect body slipping away as you gain that baby bump. But relax, there’s always a way to get rid of this fat eventually. Just concentrate on the joys of nourishing a life inside you.

3. Swollen feet and varicose veins

Your feet get swollen and there’s a high probability of varicose veins of legs and feet. You should get proper rest to help deal with this problem.

4. Back pain and body aches

With all that going on inside your body during pregnancy, it gets too much for your back and body. With the bulging belly and disproportionate weight gain, you are likely to experience back pain and body aches.

5. Confusion and disorientation

‘Pregnancy brain’ seems to be an actual thing because, it has been observed that during the later stages of pregnancy, women tend to become more confused and disoriented. Their memory is also affected adversely. So try to remain calm during such a change. Getting tense about it will make things worse.

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