How To Apply Eye Shadow?

How To Apply Eye Shadow?

Application of eye shadows can be very crucial to your makeup and the look that you want to create. The way you apply your eye shadow can make a huge difference to the way your eyes look and if applied with the right technique, it can do wonders to your look. Ever wondered why our celebrities manage to woo us with just a wink? That’s because they apply some great eye shadow with a little help from professionals. For those of you, who are still struggling with your eye makeup, just follow these few tips and you are assured of having dazzling eyes that will get you all the attention you want!

1. Blending of eye shadows works the best rather than going for an ordinary boring color over the whole eyelid. Usually two or three colors are blended in a smooth tone to give your eye the right shade, texture and highlight. Light shades bring out your eyes while darker shades tend to make your eyes look deeper and dramatic so choose the shades accordingly. It is also suggested that you apply a primer before applying makeup so that it stays for longer hours.

2. Depending on the shape of your eyes apply a darker or lighter shade on your inner eye lid (darker for small eyes and lighter for big eyes) as the base color. This will be the most prominent and visible color. You can use an eye shadow brush for this purpose or you may also use the tip of your index finger. Use a fluffy big brush or a cotton ball to remove excess color.

3. Depending on what color you have applied on your inner lid, you need to highlight the edges of your eyes using a contrasting color. Apply color in the crease and blend it upwards in order to make it look smooth.

4. Please do not try to overdo the look by applying the eye shadow till your eyebrows or towards your nose. Just stick to the technique and this will never go wrong. Just be careful of the color palette you are using and half your job will be done. You can use a liner to complete the look.

5. If you are out for a party then you can add a touch of some shimmery powder on the outer edges of your eyes so that it’s visible and at the same time does not seem like you are screaming for attention.
Some of the factors that need to be considered while applying eye shadows are your skin tone and the shape of your eyes and if you manage to understand this well then eye makeup will seem like cakewalk to you.

So girls, just get these facts right and there is no looking back in the makeup department.

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