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6 Common Reasons People Fall Out of Love 0

6 Common Reasons People Fall Out of Love

Fairy tales and romantic movies showcase the struggles a couple face in their love life and how they live happily ever after once they overcome everything. Alas love is not a cure for all...

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5 Most Common Causes of Breakup

All relationships go through smooth and rough patches, ups and downs, some sail through while some end. Some couples go through the hard times, yet their relationship doesn’t get affected. They stay together and...

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Top 10 Marriage Fears

There has been a steady rise in the number of people opting not to get married. This is a definite cause for concern and one must take time to analyze why is it that...

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7 Perils of an Open Marriage

Couples practicing open marriage feel that such a deal is good for their relationship with each other and with the rest. You live with a person for over 6 years, have been committed, loyal...

5 Signs You are in a Bad Marriage 0

5 Signs You are in a Bad Marriage

A bad marriage, bluntly put, is like a bad investment. It can give you sleepless nights, destroy your sense of well being and self esteem and even affect your health in the worst possible...

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8 Ways to Know If You are Dating a Womanizer

It’s heartbreaking for a lady to see her guy hooking up with other women, or even flirting with them. However, sometimes, guys are so smart that they don’t really let you ‘see’ that happening....