5 Things to Think About before Having a Second Child

5 Things to Think About before Having a Second Child

Family planning is a very crucial thing to think about once you get married and settled. You plan your finances, income, investment and then accordingly plan a child. When you plan a second child, things are a little different. You need to see if you, as a couple, are physically, emotionally and financially stable for another baby. Here are 5 things to think about before having a second child.

1. Health issues

You need to first go through all the check up and processes which would help you decide if your body is ready to have another baby. After the first baby, there are chances of health issues. Your body may or may not be strong enough to go through the same process. Consult a doctor, have medication and find out what can be done.

2. Lifestyle changes

You may be following a certain kind of lifestyle when you have one child to take care of. When you plan a second child, you need to know that the expenses and responsibilities will be double. So you should either have those kind of resources or be ready to make some changes in your lifestyle.

3. Sacrifices

You must be well aware that when you had the first child, a lot of changes took place in your life. Your life’s focus changes completely. All your time and attention revolves around the baby. You need to make many sacrifices, and you need to prepared to do this all over again.

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