12 Interesting Facts About the Heartthrob Hugh Jackman

Interesting Facts About the Heartthrob Hugh Jackman

1. Hugh did not aspire to become an actor when he was young. In fact, he wanted to become a well known journalist. He has earned a degree in communication and journalism from University of Technology, Sydney.

2. Hugh has seen his struggling days as well. Before he became an actor, he used to perform as a clown at birthday parties. He also used work as a gas station manager. No wonder, he is so grounded in real life.

3. Hugh had a tough childhood. When he was only eight years old, his parents separated. His mother went back to her native place. His father raised 5 children including him. He recently broke down on a TV show after remembering his childhood days.

4. His favorite game is rugby. And, there is a reason behind it. He had quoted that he was a very angry child, so rugby was a perfect game to vent out his anger.

5. Apart from being a good actor, Hugh is also a great singer. He has sung so many songs for his friends. He also sang for Nicole Kidman at her wedding. He loves to serenade his friends through his voice.

6. Hugh is a huge fan of one movie. In fact, that movie is also responsible for his interest in acting. The movie’s name is ‘Friday the 13’. He was so inspired by the movie that he decided to act.

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