5 Ways to Know If Your Relationship is Over

Ways to Know If Your Relationship is Over

In relationships, a point comes when you realize that things are not the same, you and your partner are not the same and everything is vague. Sometimes relationships end mutually as both realize it’s over but there are times when you don’t accept the fact or just don’t realize that it is over. You can’t remain stuck and stagnant in a relationship. You need to grow together. Here are 5 ways to know if your relationship is over.

1. There is lack of strong communication

If you and your partner have just stopped discussing things, sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences then it means that the core essence of a relationship is missing. Communication is the key to keep a relationship going on strongly. If you don’t have communication left in the relationship, then it shows that it is over.

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2. There is no sex life left

In a lasting and happy relationship, a healthy sex life is really essential. If you guys don’t share that physical love and intimacy anymore, then this is a sign that shows the relationship is over. In order have a long lasting relationship, you need to spice up your sex life too.

3. There are meaningless fights and issues

Picking on fights unnecessarily without any valid reason over a long period of time shows that there is irritation, frustration and problems in the relationship. This situation cannot be dragged for too long and you need to realize that it’s over.

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