9 Foods to Keep Your Belly Flat This Summer

9 Eat to Keep Your Belly Flat This Summer

Having a flat and toned belly can be very difficult to achieve. But the exciting news is, you need not feed on bland veggies and fruits in order to get a flat belly anymore! Here are 9 foods to eat to keep your belly flat this summer.

1. Fruit smoothies

Fruits smoothies make a perfect summer drink! They are rich in antioxidants and MUFA which do not contain any saturated fats. They will keep you energized and full for a great part of the day.

2. Pesto pasta salad

Pesto has nuts, olive oil and green basil; you can add low fat parmesan cheese to create the sauce. Mix it with wheat pasta and add a few cherry tomatoes. A nice, healthy lunch is ready!

3. Low carb wrap

You can prepare a nice filling wrap with pesto or tapenade sauce and add a lot of fresh veggies. Stay clear of veggies and preserved sauces as most packaged foods contain a high level of sodium, which leads to bloating.

4. Almonds

Almonds are a healthy option to add to your breakfast. However, you shouldn’t eat a handful of them. A few almonds can pump up your energy.

5. Dark chocolate

If you want to satisfy your sweet craving, it’s better to eat a small piece of dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. It enables you to lessen your calorie intake and hence makes your belly flatter.

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