Top 3 Photography Tips For Beginners

Top 3 Photography Tips For Beginners

Photography used to be an art that only a few could master earlier. However, this is the age of digital cameras and more than expertise, you need a good camera. If you have a good camera, your pictures are bound to come out beautifully. However, you cannot entirely do away with technique. So, here are a few tips especially meant for beginners. These tips will help you start taking pictures much like a professional.

1. There must be a center to your pictures

This basically means that there must be one point from where the photo will appear to be emerging. This would be technically called the focal point of your photo. This is basically that point which will pull the viewer towards the picture, rather keep their attention on the picture. It might be any particular color; it might be some motif, some person, anything. However, make sure that there are not too many focal points because then it will turn into a hotchpotch. Moreover, your picture will not become attractive because the viewer will be pulled in many directions and he/she would not be able to give his/her 100% attention to one particular thing.

2. Try taking pictures in a continuity mode

Every digital camera will have shot settings where you can determine how many automatic shots you want. There are usually single shot, multiple shot as well as continuous shot settings available. What you can do is choose a spot from where the camera angle is good and set the camera there. Then turn on the continuous mode and set the camera to take automatic pictures every second or so. After sometime, you will get an array of a variety of pictures, a continuous series basically. You can just choose the best one and get rid of the rest.

3. Avoid placing prime objects at one corner of your picture

Say, you are taking a picture of your grandmother but she is sitting some distance away on a sofa. Always zoom in, pan on her face, focus on her dress and take the picture. Never take a picture where she seems far away at one corner. This reduces visibility of the subject of the picture, the foreground turns into a background and the picture gets filled with unnecessary details.

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