7 Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

7 Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Everyone talks of consuming Green Tea regularly, but nobody really talks of why exactly it is beneficial for our health. While some people know that Green Tea is soothing to the senses and helps in reducing weight, not many people know that there is a lot more to it. Listed here are some amazing beauty benefits that you can gain out of Green Tea, which you were probably never aware of.

1. It prevents sun damage on the skin

The skin has free radicals, which when exposed to the sun, lead to tanning and skin damage. Green Tea helps in combating that problem by neutralizing these radicals when it is applied on the skin. It works both ways – inside out and outside in.

2. It reduces acne

Green Tea masks are a boon for those who face constant troubles with acne. It contains catechins, which are basically anti-bacterial elements that help in the reduction of acne and also reduce the over stimulation of hormones in the body. These masks also help to improve the skin complexion.

3. It cleanses and freshens your face

Green Tea bags can offer an instant facial to you. Just take a tea bag and run it under hot water for a few minutes. Let some of the water drip, and then rub the steamy bag gently on your face. It will offer an instant refreshing feeling, and will cleanse your face nicely. This is perfect to do just before a party.

4. It acts as a toner

Add some green tea water (prepared by brewing green tea in hot water and then discarding the tea leaves or the tea bag) to rose water, and then store it in your refrigerator. Use it every now and then as a toner to prevent aging and experience skin tightening and brightening.

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