5 Interesting Facts About Birth Control Pills

Interesting Facts About Birth Control Pills

Although almost all of us know about birth control pills and other contraceptive methods, we do not completely know about the effects and side effects of birth control pills. Do you simply believe in myths, without trying to verify facts? Do you wish to learn them now? Check out 5 interesting facts about birth control pills.

1. Gynecologists prescribe birth control/contraceptive pills based on your requirement and their experience about the brands. It is not necessary that the prescribed medicine may suit you. In fact, you may experience some serious side effects. In such a case, ask your gynecologist to prescribe something else.

2. It is a common myth that birth control pills cause weight gain. It is true that the traditional pills used to cause weight gain, but modern day pills are not as strong and don’t cause weight gain. Pills that contain progestin in a high amount may cause weight gain. Hence, you may opt for combination pills.

3. You could use birth control pills for as long as you want. Regular consultation is advisable if any side effects arise. You could consume it for years together and there won’t be a problem. Yes, it is a myth that birth control pills cause problems when you desire to conceive.

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