5 Things to Think About Before Teaching Religion to Kids

Things to Think About Before Teaching Religion to Kids

Religion has a major influence in the way of living of every individual. When kids come to the scene, the topic of religion becomes even more significant. It is the responsibility of every parent to impart age appropriate knowledge about religion to their children. By enabling them to understand religious matters, parents can help them become civilized individuals with good moral values. Using the right kind of religious textbooks is one great way to teach the principles of religion to kids. However, you need to be cautious about certain things during the teaching process. Listed here are 5 things to think before you impart religious education to your child.

1. Have an open mind

It is crucial that you have an open mind about different faiths. Ensure that you are not prejudiced. Else, your children will develop the same bias, which might not be good for their development. Understand that every religion teaches the same things in a different way. When you are tolerant towards all religions, your kids too will get the message. Teach them to respect all religions.

2. Understand religious myths

There are several myths surrounding different religions. The most common belief is that “only my religion is the best.” This is a harmful stance and can lead to tensions among people of different religions. You need to first clear such religious myths within you before imparting religious knowledge to kids. Ensure that your children do not believe the myths and learn only the good things inherent in every religion.

3. Use the right religion materials

There are several books and websites related to religion. While some impart non-biased, accurate information about the values of religion and the teachings of God, there are some other sources which mislead a person to the core. When choosing religious reading materials for kids, be extra careful in selecting the right ones.

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