5 Ways to Bridge the Generation Gap at Home

 Ways to Bridge the Generation Gap at Home

The gap between each generation is getting wider every day. Today’s generation is faster in every sense of it. From the way they dress to the way they eat and drink, socialize, think and even behave, there is a huge difference from how it was yesterday. But there is no point in worrying about it. All you can do is to understand the changing world and move with the flow. You can just go back and remember how much you wanted to be understood by your parents when you were coming of age. Having said that, you need not just be quiet and leave your kids the way they are and keep seeing the generation gap increasing between you. Here are 5 ways to bridge the generation gap .

1. Communicate effectively

Communication is a very important to bridge the gap between any generation. Talk to your kids, understand their world, and try to make out how it is different from yours. Talking to them can also help them understand you better. Listen and accept their thoughts. An open communication is a very healthy way to bridge generation gap.

2. Stay tuned to the current trends

If you have to keep up with the progress of your child, you need to understand their world, speak their language, and know the trends and technology they are following. If you do so, communication between you will be much easier and you can also keep a tab on them.

3. Do not compare

You might have grown up in a different situation, different world. But never force your child to think in those terms. If they do, they will be left behind in this competitive world. Accept the fact that things have changed compared to how things used to be back when you were their age. So, do not compare and allow them to live in their own world.

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