3 Creative Ways to Invite People for Your Wedding

3 Creative Ways to Invite People for Your Wedding

Your wedding obviously means a lot to you, and you want to make sure that everything revolving around it goes perfect, right from your dress to the venue, to the decorations and other arrangements. Obviously, no couple likes to be similar to other couples in whatever they do on their wedding, and we all want our wedding to be the most unique and special. While everything else is often manageable, thanks to good amount of choices and variety, one thing that puzzles most couples is the wedding invitations. The regular invites, printed on good paper with RSVP notes have now become clichéd, and couples want to try more creative and interesting ways of inviting people for their special day. Here are some ways to invite people for your wedding.

1. For Internet Buffs

If you spend a major chunk of your day on the Internet, and are acquainted with social networking sites, then probably this technique is the easiest for you. Create an event on Facebook for your wedding day, and keep posting daily updates on how your preparation is going. You can also create a channel on Youtube and put yours as well as your fiancé’s daily videos on wedding preparations, along with posting updates on Twitter. If you want something more elaborate, you can also create a website, where people can leave their RSVP instead of sending it to you by post. Also have section on the website for people to leave their good wishes, browse through your couple pictures; go through your wedding gift wish-list and much more.

2. Couriered Creativity

If you like to sing and can compose good music, you can probably record your wedding invite as a song and send the CD to all your guests. You can also send video CDs for that matter, along with a personal note from your side. If you are good at making hand-crafted cards, then that will also work out to be very good.

3. Puzzle Them

A cute and interesting way to send your wedding invite is to make a crossword puzzle, or a series of riddles, or any other game, the answers to which lead to your wedding invitation details, such as the date, time, venue, menu on your wedding etc. Make it as interactive and informal as possible, so that people have fun in solving the puzzle.

Sending a paper boutonniere along with a snapshot of you and your fiancé and a wedding invitation note too is a lovely way to invite close friends. Or you could stick your invite over a box of chocolates and have them couriered to your friends. There are people who have sent their invites on customized fridge magnets, and those who have sent messages engraved on candles or in cards rolled inside bottles. It is all about doing what you like; because at the end of the day, it is your wedding! And you deserve to be pampered and get things done the way you want!

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