How to Wear Flowers This Summer?

How to Wear Flowers This Summer?

Up for a dainty start? Well here’s a list of numerous styles you can possibly titivate your pretty selves with using vibrant and aromatic flowers. We’ve seen beauties all over the print media and the television; celebrities gear up their latest looks with something ethnic and simple, be it in the form of a flowery summer dress or those heels! Astounding fabrics and contrasts will color your personalities and with a single touch of a flower, your look is complete! Listed here are some ways to wear flowers this summer.

1. Try the customary headbands with intricate flowers embedded on them. You might be a raven, a blonde or even a brunette; headbands give an absolute retro look.

2. Out on the beach already? And is that a sarong you’re highlighting under the summer shades? Complete this look with a pretty little flower anywhere on yourselves. May it be tucked alongside your hair, a white garland in your bun or maybe a flower brooch to hold down the sarong.

3. We know better than anyone that footwear is important, needs to be clean, well cut and have a decent color and design to match the summery atmosphere. And there’s nothing better than flowers! Adorn your feet with those flowery printed slippers. If you want to go a little hippy, how about those sandals with that huge sunflower in the middle?

4. Colors! Colors! Colors! And flowers are the most natural asset you can obtain to look earthy, natural and absolutely ravishing! How about a new pair of earrings? Maybe this time you should go for those flowery sets; after all plain hoops have become so common.

5. Match your garments with accessories that are simple, modest. However, have a fun-loving expression especially if you’re planning on wearing those wacky flower studded shades. How about an ankle bracelet with a flower attached at its end?

Take a color pick from the many flowers found in summers – all waiting to garnish your bodies, may it be in the form of a pendent or just a flower in your lovely curls!

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