14 Interesting Facts on the History of Easter

14 Interesting Facts on the History of Easter

Easter is the day, when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. It is the day when the greatest miracle took place. Christians, all over the world celebrate the day of Easter in prayer and adoration to God. For them, it is the most sacred of all the holy days in the year. Don’t you want to know from where did this all start? Listed here are some facts about the history of Easter.

1. According to Biblical studies, Jesus, the son of God was persecuted, brutally tortured and finally crucified on the cross. This day is referred to as Good Friday. After three days, on a Sunday, he rose from the dead. This day is termed to be as Easter Sunday.

2. The story of Easter goes as this. Jesus, the Messiah, used to go to the people and preach to them, the word of God. He also had performed miracles of healing the sick and bringing the dead to life. He taught people, the true meaning of prayer. He also taught them that our Father in heaven, is a forgiving and a loving God. He is not someone who we should be scared of.

3. His teachings did not go well with the orthodox Jews. Everyone around him naturally loved Jesus. This made the Jews extremely jealous of him and hence they plotted to kill him.

4. Jesus’ own disciple Judas betrayed Jesus for a few silver coins. Jesus was arrested by them. This day is referred to as Maundy Thursday (a day to morn).

5. Jesus was crucified on a Friday. He was brutally nailed to the cross in the way criminals were killed. By his death, even the two criminals who were crucified with him were moved.

6. After his death, Jesus’ disciples fled and hid themselves out of fright.

7. The body of Jesus was kept in a tomb. The tomb was sealed with a large stone and it was guarded by soldiers.

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