5 Tips on How to Stay Hydrated

5 Tips on How to Stay Hydrated

Fighting the heat during summers is definitely a challenge. Although staying hydrated is vital for our survival, it becomes extremely important during summers. Lack of water can severely affect the energy levels in our body. Adequate levels of water help keep metabolism smooth, blood pressure normal and skin glowing. To beat the heat, we tend to dwell on cold drinks, sweetened colas, packaged juices and ready to drink mixes. Instead, we should substitute these with healthier options to stay fit and hydrated at the same time. Listed here are some tips on how to stay hydrated.

1. Water

Water is the most basic and no calorie fluid, ideal to keep ourselves hydrated. You should always carry a water bottle around during summers to curb the inkling to sip in colas and other aerated packaged drinks.

2. Lemonade

This revitalizing drink keeps us hydrated and energized during summers. If you wish to cut on calories, you can substitute sugar with honey and keep the mix ready in your refrigerator all time, to quench your thirst with some added flavor.

3. Watery fruits

We tend to repel oil laden gravy rich food in summers. Something cool and refreshing is all that is welcomed by our taste buds. Gulping in loads of fluid is one thing but to curb hunger pangs, you can switch to fruits loaded with water such as watermelon, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, etc. This not only helps keep us hydrated but also satisfies our taste buds and calm our hunger pangs.

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