5 Reasons Why Using Google Glass Would be Fun

5 Reasons Why Using Google Glass Would be Fun

Despite the controversies and negative feedback being hurled at it since its creation, the Google Glass, undoubtedly is a marvel of the modern world and a gigantic leap in the field of technology. The idea of Google Glass almost feels like a child’s fantasy that may have come about by someone simply commenting “Just imagine what I wouldn’t do if I had such a thing!” Well technology disappoints no one. You asked for it, and your wish has been granted. Swanky and oh-so-futuristic, here are 5 reasons why using Google Glass should be fun.

1. You can use them to attend college lectures

Google glasses can come in great handy during college lectures, thanks to its recording feature. The glasses give you the option of recording whatever you see, be it in still shots or videos. Hence, recording the lectures in college can help you get rid of taking down notes in a hurry. What’s more? You will also be able to access the video for later reference.

2. You get information at the wink of an eye!

These glasses are directly connected to the search engine. So all you need to do to activate it is to give a voice command (they have in-built microphone), saying “Okay Glass” and ask your question and the search engine will do its job. Imagine being able to access any kind of information anywhere without having to bring out your phone or laptop.

3. Staying connected had never been so quick and easy

Probably the best feature Of Google Glass is that it lets you share. The glasses are equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone, touchpad and camera. They let you have fun group chats and conferences on Google Hangouts and attach pictures or whatever you’re seeing with your near and dear ones, hands-free and without constraining you to the phone or laptop.

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